The Urban 30 is a website, originally created out of Washington D.C. dedicated toward providing various short fiction stories about a team of superheroes. Originally founded in Washington D.C., this website is actually an interactive blog in which several people cooperatively contribute to each story. A blog is an interactive website in which various users can publish content, in the form of comments, on the site, and virtual conversations tend to ensue. Blogs are considered to be a part of the newest major evolution in the internet, or the Web 2.0 framework, in which people are able to interact and even customize webpages in the public domain. This particular blog is open to the public, but the posting is strictly limited to administrators. An administrator is a user who has been given special access to edit a website by the person who owns the site. The groups of administrators, located in the US, Canada, and the UK, who run Urban 30 each contribute to the fictional tales by posting pieces of a story. While one administrator may start a story, another has the opportunity to continue or finish that story by creating a new post which has a title indicating that it is as a continuation of the story.

The story line involves about 25 heroes that are each designed and represented by a specific administrator. Each of these heroes/administrators has unique powers, talents, and temperaments, which contributes to a varied and dynamic experience throughout and between given stories. Typically the heroes will protect the people of Washington D.C., the city where the website is based, but their adventures take them to a wide variety of both real and fictional places. There is often very comedic dialogue, plot, and villains interspersed within the predominantly action oriented plots, much of the comic relief derived from the quirks and dysfunction of the characters themselves.

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