Blog Fiction is also known as Flog. It is a from of fiction in electronic literature. It is a popular activity in the world of blogging; however, it has created some literary critical interest.

What is a Blog Fiction?Edit

Blog Fiction

Fiction Blog

  • As defined by DustinM., blog fiction is a serialized literature published to a blog that is written in a diary format. Often, but not necessarily, the fictional writer of the blog will interact with its readers. DustinM. has compiled a list of different characteristics and possible iterations of those characteristics. Starting from the top node, work down the tree diagram and see what a specific literature is. Keep going until you get to an end point. If the endpoint is orange, then it means the blog is "Blog Fiction". If it is green then it means it's not only "blog fiction", but a "Blog Novel" as well. If no color, then it is something else.[1]

Types of Blog FictionEdit

  • Pretend diary
  • Posted novel
  • Serialblog


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