Story CharactersEdit

  • Robert Walton: The scribe of this story that is a captain of a ship in the Northern oceans. He wrote the story, straight from Victor Frankenstein's mouth, into letters and sent them to his sister, Margaret Seville.
  • Victor Frankenstein The main character and narrator of the story. Born in a small village near the alps, he finds himself drawn to the studies of ancient scientists and wishes to continue these studies abroad at school. While at school, he stumbles upon the secret of life and creates the Monster which ultimately becomes the bane of his existence.
  • The Monster: Created by Victor Frankenstein, this creature stands approximately eight feet tall and is of the most hideous appearance. It is because of this appearance that people ultimately fear and hate this creature without knowing that he is a most kind and gentle creature. Due to the lack of compassion by all people, including it's creator, the monster ultimately seeks to destroy the life of the person who created him.
  • Alphonse Frankenstein: The aging father of Victor Frankenstein.
  • Elizabeth Lavenza: The adopted sister and one true love of Victor Frankenstein, she provides updates of herself and the family by way of letters to Victor while he is away at school. After Victor's return from England and Ireland, they wed and try to begin their life together. Though it was not to be, for shortly after being married to Victor, the monster strangles her which sends Victor into a rage from which he is inconsolable.
  • Henry Clerval: The childhood friend that stands by Victor's side when he becomes gravely ill after creating the Monster. After nursing Victor back to health, he continues his studies of language abroad in England and Ireland where he ultimately meets his demise by the hands of Victor's creation.
  • William Frankenstein: The youngest brother and the "love" of the Frankenstein family. He is the first casualty of the Monsters wrath and vengeance on Victor.
  • Justine Moritz: A servant girl and close friend of the Frankenstein family, Justine is wrongfully accused of the murder of William Frankenstein. She is sentenced to death and hanged which causes Victor to despise his creature even more than he did before.

The characters names in Frankenstein are considered to be charactonyms (meaning reveals something about the character). For example, Charoline Beaufort represents beauty and strength.

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