Stephanie Ferrell as "Rikki Wildside"

One of the primary characters of Burning Chrome is a girl named Rikki Wildside. Jack notes, in great detail, that Bobby has a tendencey to project his feelings and thoughs on life onto any new woman he can find. It comes to Jack's attention that this girl might be different. Bobby's time in the cyber ring is coming to an end, and he must, if he is going to live comfortably, land one final score, a big score. When the information comes through to the team that they have something of reasonable size, Bobby begins to project his ideals of a comfortable life, happiness, being out of the game, onto this girl, he begins to fall in love. Jack, as well, is very enticed by this character. The entire story revolves around her, and her sudden departure. The longing she leaves behind, her absence is proof that, for the hackers, money couldn't buy happiness. Though they were rich, they were left with less than when they had started the heist.