Themes in "These Waves of Girls," by Caitlin Fisher


  1. Sexuality: The overwhelming theme of These Waves of Girls is sexuality. The entire focuse of this piece of literature is the sexual experiences that a girl, suspected to be the author, experiences in her lifetime. The story begins off with telling the story of young girls experimenting with each other. The story slowly evolves into more intense relations with other females, and even more mature men.
  2. Memory: Another large theme in These Waves of Girls is the idea of memory. All of the stories are the memories of a girl's lifetime of sexual experimentation. These memories are also interconnected via links between other memories. As one story progresses, another memory will be placed in it, and one can continue onto that segment of the literature.
  3. Coming-of-age: These Waves of Girls focuses on a girl going through many different events in her life. It portrays how different events shape how she matures and develops into herself.