Exploring Interactive Fiction-1

Exploring Interactive Fiction-1

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What is Interactive Fiction?Edit

The Beginners Guide to Playing Interactive Fiction defines interactive fiction as “both a computer game and a book, or rather something in between.”   [1] Interactive fiction is similar to a computer game because the player takes on the role of the main character and must use text commands to control the game and the characters. Examples of  text commands are “listen” or “take it.” Please see the Interactive Fiction Card to see more examples of text commands. This is where the interactive element plays a major role because the player has to tell the main character what to do in order to solve the puzzles in the game. Each time the player solves the puzzle they are able to find out more information, and the story will eventually begin to accrete meaning. Interactive fiction is similar to a book because all the different puzzle pieces that need to be solved in the game are like chapters in a book which tell a story. Interactive fiction is different and unique compared to other kinds of fictions because the player determines the plot, based on how well that they play the game. It’s very easy to flip through the pages of a book and find out what happens in the end, but interactive fiction poses a challenge for its players and requires its players to solve the puzzles to get to the end.


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